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March 20, 2018

Orphan oil and gas well program floundering

A massive number of oil and gas wells, facilities and pipeline segments stand to be added to the already bulging files of the Alberta Orphan Well Association in the wake of the likely failure of Sequoia Resources Corp.

Court upholds injunction to stop Suncor’s random drug/alcohol testing

The Alberta Court of Appeal has upheld an injunction that stops random drug and alcohol testing at Suncor Energy sites in the northeastern part of province.

U.S. shale oil to rule markets for years to come: IEA

The U.S. will dominate global oil markets for years to come, satisfying 80 per cent of global demand growth to 2020 as the shale boom keeps OPEC under pressure.

Retiring CEO to be a voice for the industry

One retiring CEO says Canadian oil and gas leaders have been too “shy” to speak out in support of their industry and he plans to help fill that vacuum.
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New Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Technology Meets Oil and Gas Industry Measurement Challenges

One critical need for this industry is accurate metering flow from individual wellheads, where the oil flows into a separator that separates the water, gas, and oil. During this operation, gas can be entrained in the fluid coming out of the separator, which can disturb the sensitivity of mass flow measurement of liquids, decreasing accuracy or even stopping measurement completely. Now, new Coriolis flow meter technology has been developed that can handle entrained gas and other wellhead measurement challenges. What’s more, the entrained gas management feature enables density and flow measurement at any flow regime, thereby considerably improving process control and efficiency. » Read More

Back on track for 2018

Ernest Granson takes a look back at the year that was 2017 in the latest issue of PROCESSWest magazine; and looks ahead at the coming year in his annual Market Forecast. » Read More

Protecting pumps from dry running conditions

Engineers responsible for optimizing the up time of process flow networks in a wide range of demanding industries will find the FLT93 Flow Switch from Fluid Components International provides a reliable early warning alert to the potential of dry running conditions. » Learn More

Pressure measurements with data logging templates

The Ralston Instruments FieldLab provides pressure data logging, with data logging templates or “Test Modes” that can be created with different intervals and durations for different test situations. Data can be collected for up to two million data points. » Learn More

Web-enabled analyzer measures alkalinity automatically

The new IoT web-enabled CA900 Titration Analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) automates the process of routine alkalinity measurement with a simple, accurate and cost-effective approach. » Learn More

Sensors promise reliability, short delivery times

NewTek Sensor Solutions is a new source of custom and standard AC- and DC-operated linear position sensors and signal conditions for industrial, aerospace and military applications, especially those with harsh and rugged environments. » Learn More

ISA Automation Expo & Conference

Edmonton Expo Centreg
April 25-26
» Learn More

CERI 2018 Petrochemical Conference

Delta Lodge Kananaskis
June 10 – 12
» Learn More